Boost your earnings with OuiCar Connect

Now, you can rent your car even when you're not available. There’s no more need to move around: by installing the OuiCar Connect box, your guests can open, lock and start your vehicle with their smartphone!

Don't miss any more rentals

Multiply your earnings

You save time, your car is more available and rented, and you earn more.

Increase your visibility

Thanks to the OuiCar Connect mention on your advertisement, your vehicle becomes more visible in searches.

Rent in complete security

Remote anti-starting, car tracking, opening/locking of controlled doors: your car is secured.

Enjoy the first three months for free*


Do you want to have your vehicle equipped?

Vehicle less than 10 years old
Vehicle with less than 100,000 km
Vehicle with keyless entry

1. Fill out the registration form

Our Customer Service will contact you to answer your questions and to arrange an appointment with the installer. Complete the form (link).

2. Have the OuiCar Connect box installed

Our installer will come to the meeting place of your choice and equip your vehicle with the Connect box in record time.

3. Rent your car without having to go to meet the guest

The OuiCar application supports the guest throughout the entire rental period: inventory, opening, locking, starting and returning the vehicle.