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Founded in 2012, OuiCar is the first website dedicated to car rentals between individuals. As a pioneer of the collaborative economy, OuiCar offers everyone the opportunity to rethink their relationship with cars by emphasizing the use of cars instead of owning them.

Rent a car anywhere

Find a car just down the street from your home, your place of work and near train stations and airports.

Everywhere in France

Rent a car everywhere in France, and drive around Europe with peace of mind.

For all occasions

Weddings, moving, vacations... Whatever your needs, rent the right vehicle for you.

For just occasional rentals? Not anymore! On the strength of its success and its rapid growth, OuiCar has decided to make life easier for travelers by expanding its service to all types of everyday car journeys. This new goal poses new challenges: immediacy, daily availability, proximity, excellence and simplicity of service for an outstanding user experience.

Benoit Sineau, CEO of OuiCar
Rent your car

You're not using your vehicle every day? Then, earn money with it!

When you take insurance, maintenance, parking and fuel into account, a car costs you an average of €6,000 per year. By renting out your car on OuiCar, you can earn up to €150/week and help cover some of those expenses. Today, more than 30,000 hosts rent out their vehicle on OuiCar, why not you?
Rentals insured by AXA

2.3 million members

Like them, you can join the collaborative economy and travel easily and cheaply.

50 million km traveled so far

Thousands of rentals are made every day throughout France and Europe.

35,000 vehicles to choose from

A wide choice of models, from utility vehicles to small city cars, and even classic cars!

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